What we’re about

What we’re about

Hi there, I’m Elliot the CEO of Treefort. Today I’d like to take a brief intermission from our product updates to explain what we’re really up to here at Treefort. Not as in “hey, we’re actually Feds” but as in “what’s the reason that we do what we do”.

At a practical level we are a technology company building a media streaming platform. We can help you launch your own branded streaming apps without the development headache. We spend most of our time wrangling code and keeping the servers running so that you don’t have to. But all of this technology is ultimately a means to an end. Our true mission is this: to help you own your audience and build sustainable revenue.

The concept of a “media streaming platform” is far from original. There are a million services out there that will help you stream your digital content: YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, Apple, X-formerly-Twitter, you name it. You can even use these tools to build revenue with ads, royalties, subscription fees, and more.

But here’s the problem. If you’re connecting with your audience through a channel that you don’t own then they’re not really your audience. You’re borrowing an audience from someone else. This becomes painfully obvious in areas like communication, monetization, and censorship. Spotify won’t let you build an email list from your listeners. YouTube can de-monetize your videos at their whim. Twitter (I mean X) is an increasingly lonely exception to the rule of platforms censoring on behalf of governments. No fun.

That’s where Treefort comes in. We help you retain ownership of your most valuable asset - your audience - and we help you build reliable subscription revenue on that foundation. This is why you get the email address of every audience member that signs up. This is why we make it easy for your subscribers to pay you directly. This is why your Treefort app is a fully customized experience designed to meet your specific needs. With Treefort you rent your technology but you own your audience. Way more fun.

If this sounds compelling, we’d love to have you along for the journey. You can learn more from our website or sign up for an in-person demo today.