Christmas product update

Christmas product update
Merry Christmas from Treefort!

Merry Christmas from Treefort!

You may (or may not) have noticed that it’s been awhile since the last time we sent an update out. We fell off the blogging train earlier this year, but only because we’ve been busier than ever building top-notch streaming apps. Going forward you can expect quarterly product updates from us.

And now on to the goodies. We’ve released quite a few features since our last post, but below are the ones we’re most proud of.


Our app platform is now fully internationalized! This upgrade means you can offer your Treefort app in various languages, display subscription prices in multiple currencies, and even let users select their preferred language within the app.


We built our own in-house analytics system, complementing our existing Google Analytics integration. This feature reduces our reliance on The Man and aims to provide you with better insight into how users engage with your content. We’re still refining this feature, but you can already access a slice of the new analytics through the “Insights” card in your admin dashboard.

Secure streaming

Our media streaming system has undergone a complete redesign with a focus on security. The updated system enhances protection against unauthorized access to your media and lays the groundwork for future capabilities like geo-restrictions.

API Access

You now have the ability to interact with our API directly. This feature requires development chops, but with it you can automate tasks like importing content, managing collections, and updating your app. Take a look at our API documentation for details.


We added support for webhooks so you can receive real-time notifications for events like subscription sign ups, cancellations, content updates, and more. Webhooks are typically used by developers, but service like Zapier can help you use them without any development experience.

That's not everything we’ve been up to, but we’ll stop there for now. We hope you enjoy your Christmas! And as always, book a demo if you want a tour of the product or contact us if you have questions.