Our new in-app eBook reader.

This past month was a productive one for us. Maybe the cold weather kept us indoors and programming more than usual. We pushed out quite a few bug fixes and minor improvements, but we also finished a major feature that has been in the works for some time: eBooks!


Now, in addition to videos, podcasts, and audiobooks, you can publish eBooks in your app. You'll find a new “eBook” option under the “Add Content” menu - click that to get started. A few highlights:

  • You can bulk upload up to 10 ePub files at once and we’ll automatically extract the artwork, table of contents, and other metadata for a streamlined admin experience.
  • Your apps have been updated with a responsive eBook reader that works at any screen size, on every platform, and in both light and dark mode.
  • Your users can pick up where they left off across all their devices and download eBooks for offline reading on iOS and Android.
  • Our Google Analytics integration tracks the number of times each book has been opened and logs when a reader reaches key progress milestones (10%, 25%, and so on).

We’ll continue working on this feature and have more updates in the pipe!

Honorable mentions

We’re pretty excited about eBooks, but there were a few other features launched in February that deserve a mention:

  • Podcast episode page: We’ve added a new page in the app for individual podcast episodes. The page shows the episode’s artwork (if your podcast feed includes that) as well as the episode’s full show notes.
  • Payment plan switching: Users can now easily switch payment plans right in the app. Previously it was a bit of a hassle to do something like switch from a monthly plan to an annual plan.
  • Updating videos: You can now update a video’s media file even after it has been published. The original metadata, settings, and analytics are all retained.
  • Uploading from Dropbox: We’ve integrated with Dropbox to allow you to import videos and eBooks directly from your Dropbox account. Files are transferred in the cloud which makes this a great option if you don't have the best local network connection.

Stay in touch

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