May product update

May product update
The share dialog in a Treefort app.

The months keep flying by which means it’s already time for another Treefort product update. We’ve been laser focused on a big project slated for next month, but we also have a few cool features from May to share.


Speaking of sharing, users can now share a link to any piece of content right from your app! A share button is shown at the top of each content page. When a user taps it they’ll see a share dialog allowing them to text, email, message, AirDrop, etc. a link to friends and family (or strangers!). The recipient will see a polished link preview that they can tap to view the content. If they don't have access to the content then they’ll be prompted to subscribe or upgrade.

Parental Gateway

If you head over to the new “App Settings” page in your admin dashboard you’ll see an option to enable the “Parental Gateway”. This option restricts access to the account menu and any external URLs in your app behind a popup that is designed to keep small kiddos out (by asking for the correct answer to a simple math problem). This can help parents guide their child’s use of your app and is a must-have feature if you primarily publish content for the next generation.

Custom Fonts

We’ve always allowed you to customize the fonts in your app — so long as you wanted to choose either Inter or Crimson Pro. We’ve now expanded that list to any font that you have the license to use! Pick a font for the headings in your app and a font for everything else and send them our way to keep your app as on-brand as possible.

A Website

The cobbler’s children finally have shoes, and we finally have a real website! If you know anyone looking for world-class media streaming apps send them over to

That’s all for now! As always, book a demo if you want a tour of the product, have questions, or just want to chat.