March product update

March product update
Managing tabs in the Treefort admin dashboard.

We’re running a bit late for a March update, but in our defense it’s snowing at our HQ right now so it doesn’t feel like April yet. Below is a round-up of the features we launched last month. If you’re not sure what Treefort is about — read this.

eBook Display Options - Your audience can now choose between four different color schemes while reading an eBook. They can also adjust the font size and line height of the text to their liking.

Related Links for Books - You can now display a link to buy a hard copy of a book on any eBook or Audiobook page in your app. Your audience will see a “Buy the Book” card that will open your eCommerce store in an in-app browser. You can also link eBooks and Audiobooks together so that your audience can easily find the format they are looking for.

App Tab Editor - You can now customize your app’s tab navigation from the admin portal without help from us. You can add up to five tabs to your app, customize the text and icon for each tab, and configure the page that each tab will load.

Meta Pixel Integration - You’ll also find a new “Meta Pixel” integration option in your admin portal. If you advertise on Facebook then you can use this integration to track conversions in your Treefort web app.

Performance Improvements - We’ve launched a handful of improvements to keep your apps fast. Navigating around your app should feel snappier then ever, and audience members with many hundreds of saved items should see a significant improvement in the time it takes to load their library.

That’s all for this month! As always, sign up below for future updates or schedule a demo if you’re interested in learning more about Treefort. We’d love to show you around the product and answer your questions.