Family profiles

Family profiles
The "Choose your profile" screen in a Treefort app.

We’re excited to announce our latest feature: family profiles.

Similar to the “Who’s watching?” experience from many popular streaming services, this feature allow up to 5 family members to share a single subscription to your service while each maintaining their own personalized experience. Gone are the days of losing your spouse’s place in an audiobook or sifting through junior’s ebooks to find your latest read - each profile has its own progress tracking, library, and recommendations.

Head on over to the app settings page in your admin dashboard to enable this feature today. You can limit the number of profiles allowed per account, upload profile images for your subscribers to choose from, and even limit access to profiles based on subscription tier. And of course we’ll upsell users right in your app if they need to pay to access the feature. Take a look at the help guide to learn more.

Let us know if you have any questions, and happy streaming!