Subscription tiers

Subscription tiers
The updated checkout page in a Treefort app.

We’ve got some pretty exciting developments to share with you this month — read on to learn more!

Subscription tiers

Our most requested feature is finally here: subscription tiers! Up until now you could only offer one subscription plan in your Treefort apps. Now you can create multiple plans with different prices and benefits. You can choose which content is available under each plan, and your subscribers can upgrade their plan when they want to access more content.

New checkout page

To complement subscription tiers we’ve redesigned our checkout page from the ground up. The page includes a switch to view monthly or annual pricing (if you offer that), a full list of benefits for each plan (customizable by you), and a beautiful new layout.

Honorable mentions

We're always fixing bugs and making minor improvements behind the scenes. Here are some of the changes from this month:

  • Revenue in Google Analytics - We’ve updated our integration with Google Analytics to include your subscription revenue. This helps you analyze revenue and conversions across all platforms.
  • App header icons - You can now customize the icons in your app’s header to match your branding. You can update the search, menu, back, and close icons.
  • Quicktime file support - We've added support for Quicktime .mov files when uploading video content.

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